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Gammon Skyhawk Nozzle 1500
Gammon Skyhawk Nozzle 1500
100% Made in the USA


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Product Code: GTP-9363-A

Oval spout,dust cap & ground cable
Oval spout,dust cap, grnd cble w/inter chk valve
1 ½”Round spout, dust cap & grnd cable
1 ½”Round spout,dust cap, grnd cble inter chk valve
Round & Oval spouts,dust cap & grnd cable
Round & Oval spouts,dust cap,grnd cable intern check valve

Gammon Skyhawk Overwing Nozzle with Oval Spout
Maximum Test Pressure 150psi - Maximum Flow Rate 100gpm

  • Heavy duty 1½” swivel inlet
  • Quick change swiveling spout design - QD type
  • Inexpensive to repair - all seals independently replaceable
  • Easy Operation, fingertip sensitivity and adjustable closing speed
  • Rugged polyurethane handle guard with side protection
  • Seals good to -50 F and compatible with all aviation fuels, bio diesel
  • Spout dust covers and retainer are polyurethane
  • No plastic components, no cast metal parts, 300 series s/s shaft and fasteners
  • Spout storage holder available (for second spout