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Digital Viper Additive Injector Digital Viper Additive Injector

The Digital Viper adds inexpensive electronic control and interface, and will operate on TWO METERS SIMULTANEOUSLY! It has the great advantage of being controlled by a Veeder Root programable electronic counter. The same Viper can be used with a meter (or even two meters at once) calibrated in tenths of gallons, gallons, liters, dekaliters or whatever.

For more information see Bulletin No. 36.

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Viper Eclipse Viper Eclipse

Fully automatic additive injection system,auto-monitoring, self-adjusting. The ultimate in additive injection systems, longer life and less expensive than competitors. For more detailed information go to Bulletin No.161

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Sight Flow Indicator Sight Flow Indicator

Sight flow indicator assembly is used on the Viper additive injector.

For more information see Bulletin No.36

Air Valve Air Valve

Four way air solenoid valve 12 VDC for Viper pump

Additive Meter Additive Meter

New version Additive Meter used on the Viper Eclipse.

O-Ring/Sight Flow Indicator O-Ring/Sight Flow Indicator

Neoprene O-ring for the sight flow indicator FSII-(Prist® ) used in GTP-8726C.

Check Valve Repair kit Check Valve Repair kit

Viper Additive Injector pump check valve repair kit for FSII

Check Valve Repair Kit Check Valve Repair Kit

Viper Additive Injector pump check valve repair kit for Biobor®.

Check Valve Repair Kit Check Valve Repair Kit

Viper Additive Injector pump check valve repair kit for +100, Kathon, LI/LI, Stadis 450.

Glass Tube Glass Tube

Replacement glass tube for sight flow indicator.

Check Valve Check Valve

Check Valve, self cleaning, rubber seated, PTFE piston and shaft seals.  Used on the Viper Digital and Viper Eclipse

Pulse Counter Pulse Counter


3 Way Ball Valve for the Viper 3 Way Ball Valve for the Viper

GTP-2305-1-070 Three way test valve for Kathon,Ci/Li, Stadis 450, +100 used on the Additive Injector Systems

Drying Tube Drying Tube

DRIERITE particles in this plastic unit dry air entering the DiEGME container. The DiEGME container must be vented to insure proper operation of the Viper pump.

Air Breathers Air Breathers

Air breathers for Viper pump.

Pail Holder Pail Holder

5 gallon pail holder.

5 Gallon Pail 5 Gallon Pail

5 gallon plastic pail used for the additive injector.

Injection Nozzle Injection Nozzle

Injection nozzle 1/4" NPT stainless steel used on 2" pipe for additive injectors.

Pail Suction Tube Assembly Pail Suction Tube Assembly

5-gallon pail suction tube assembly. Includes drying tube.

Surge Suppressor Surge Suppressor

Surge Suppressor 200 VDC Max

Squeeze Bottle Squeeze Bottle

250 mg squeeze bottle for use on the Viper

Display Display

Viper Display

DiEGME Only Decal DiEGME Only Decal

3" x 5" premium vinyl decal reads "DiEGME FSII Anti-Icing Additive Only." To be used on tanks and other equipment that only hold or carry DiEGME.

All of our decals are printed on top quality 3M ScotchCal decal stock for long life and ease of use.

Optical-Anti-Icing Additive Test Kit Optical-Anti-Icing Additive Test Kit

Anti-Icing Test Kit Optical For more information see Bulletin No. 145

DEFKit - DEF in FSII Test Kit DEFKit - DEF in FSII Test Kit

Simple Field Test to check for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in the refueler Anti-Icing Additive reservoir! (Fuel System Icing Inhibitor/Prist®/DiEGME). No training, no instrument needed!

For more information, see
Bulletin 181.

Viper Pump Rebuild Kits Viper Pump Rebuild Kits

Call (732-223-4600) or email Gammon Tech with your pump serial number to order a rebuild kit with the appropriate dimensions and materials for your pump.