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Digital Viper Additive Injector Digital Viper Additive Injector

The Digital Viper adds inexpensive electronic control and interface, and will operate on TWO METERS SIMULTANEOUSLY! It has the great advantage of being controlled by a Veeder Root programable electronic counter. The same Viper can be used with a meter (or even two meters at once) calibrated in tenths of gallons, gallons, liters, dekaliters or whatever.

For more information see Bulletin No. 36.

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Viper Eclipse Viper Eclipse

Fully automatic additive injection system,auto-monitoring, self-adjusting. The ultimate in additive injection systems, longer life and less expensive than competitors. For more detailed information go to Bulletin No.161

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Sight Flow Indicator Sight Flow Indicator

Sight flow indicator assembly is used on the Viper additive injector.

For more information see Bulletin No.36