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Gammon Skyhawk Nozzle 1500 Gammon Skyhawk Nozzle 1500

Gammon Skyhawk Overwing Nozzle with Oval Spout
Maximum Test Pressure 150psi - Maximum Flow Rate 100gpm

AVGAS Fueling Nozzle AVGAS Fueling Nozzle

AVGAS fueling nozzle with 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" threaded inlets available. RED composite lever guard denotes AVGAS. Complete with built-in swivel, ground wire assembly & dust cap.

OPW Fueling Nozzle OPW Fueling Nozzle

Hose Nozzle come to you ready for installation. No screws to tighten, nothing to lubricate, just apply a gasoline resistant, non hardening pipe dope to the hose fitting threads and install. DONT USE TEFLON TAPE.

Aircraft Nozzle Aircraft Nozzle

This OPW 295 SAJ heavy duty, high flow nozzle with special spout has been designed specifically to help prevent the inadvertent fueling of piston engine aircraft with turbine fuel. The special spout is manufactured by OPW to specifications set forth by the special committee on aircraft fueling safety.

Spout Storage Holder Only Spout Storage Holder Only

Nozzle stowage assembly