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Sample Collection Pumps Sample Collection Pumps

The new version of this product has been designed so that the cover will fit a Mason jar as well as a bottle. The stopped will fit any drink bottle or common gallon jug. For more information see Bulletin No.85

Mason Jar Mason Jar

Mason Jar 16oz for Sample Collection pump. For more information see Bulletin No.85

Stainless Steel Tank Gauging Tapes Stainless Steel Tank Gauging Tapes

The stainless steel tape has a brushed surface,which aids in identifying the limit of the wetted surface on either dark or clear fuels.

Chrome Tank Gauging Tapes Chrome Tank Gauging Tapes

The chromium plated steel tape is exceptionally good for dark oils because the contrast between the wetter and non-wetted surface is easily recognized. For more information see Bulletin 129

Etched Gauging Tapes Etched Gauging Tapes

This etched tape has a blackened surface, making it especially suitable for clear products. Etched, dark finish for clear oils, graduations on black background. Baked-on clear enamel for protection Stainless steel reel.

Plumb Bob English Innage Plumb Bob English Innage

20 oz. English Innage Bob; Brass

Wiper on Tape Frame Wiper on Tape Frame

Wiper (attached to frames) ¾ lb

Double Duty Gauging Tapes Double Duty Gauging Tapes

Available sizes 25ft, 50ft &75ft .Double Duty Gauging tapes have a chrome plated blade with a black strip along the bottom edge making it useful for working with both dark and light oils/liquids.  English/Metric: Eng. markings to 8ths on front, Metric markings to mms on back.