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ASTM Color Rating Booklet ASTM Color Rating Booklet

Color Rating Booklet used in color rating filter membranes for aviation turbine fuels in accordance with Appendix X1 of ASTM Test Method D2276/IP216.

For more information see Bulletin No. 80.

Color And Particle Rating Chart Color And Particle Rating Chart

In presenting all 33 colors and the 9 particle photographs on one 8 1/2"x11"chart, our model provides convenience that has never before been achieved. Particle assessment is a requirement in Section 2-17 of ATA-103, along with color rating. For more information see Bulletin No. 133

Air Force/Color Rating Book Air Force/Color Rating Book

Color Rating Book, ASTM W/Air Force Instructions & Particle Assessment Guide

Filter Test Membranes Filter Test Membranes

Single Membrane Refills for particulate contamination detection by color, with 100 membranes and 100 support pads. Approved for testing jet fuel per ASTM Methods D2276/IP216 D5452. Interchangeable with Millipore P/N AAWP-037-PO. For more information see Bulletin No.73

Matched Weight Membranes Matched Weight Membranes

Matched Weights membranes for detecting particulate contamination in jet fuels. Matched weight refill membranes are packaged with each pair in a closely controlled atmosphere. Our 37mm, 0.8 micrometer membranes are produced in exact accordance with ASTM Research Report D1012 under which they have been granted approval for use in methods D2276, D5452 as well as IP216. Interchangeable with Millipore P/N AAWP-037-PM. For more information see Bulletin No.73

Plastic Monitors Plastic Monitors

Box of 48 plastic monitors, loaded with filter test membranes, used for particulate contamination detection. Approved for testing jet fuel per ASTM methods D2276/IP2126/D5452. Interchangeable with Millipore P/N MAWP-037-PO.

NSN# 6630004453662

For empty monitors without membranes, see GTP-1987.

For more information see Bulletin No. 73.

Matched Weight Monitors Matched Weight Monitors

We manufacture our own plastic monitors using Tenite, a product of Eastman Chemical Co. Matched weight monitors are interchangeable with Millipore P/N MAWP-037-PM. Matched weight monitors have yellow plastic plugs in the inlet port and a red plug in the outlet. (Single membrane monitors used for color rating tests have blue plugs in the inlet and red plugs in the outlet). NSN# 6640007645761. For more information see Bulletin No.73

47mm Membrane Pad 47mm Membrane Pad

Membrane 47MM pad .8 micron 100/box. Intended for testing jet fuel for particulate content in accordance with ASTM Method D5452. The membranes are white and will fit all brands and models of filter holders that accept 47mm membranes for more information see Bulletin No. 73

Empty  Monitors Empty Monitors

Box of 48 empty plastic monitors (filter test membranes are NOT included).

For monitors that are pre-loaded with membranes, see

Mini Envelopes Mini Envelopes

Each package contains 500 mini-envelopes. These mini-envelopes are zip lock polyfilm bags made to insure protection and preservation of filter membranes. They are specially prepared with a white panel for writing data regarding the test such as date, rating, location etc.

For more information see Bulletin No. 8.

Filing Pages Filing Pages

Filing pages (10 sheets). Pages made of heavy-duty plastic with space for 15 mini-envelopes.

Notebook (GTP-1400) and mini-envelopes (GTP-1267) not included.

For more information see Bulletin No. 73

Notebook Notebook

Black 3-ring leatherette notebook holds membrane filing pages for more information see Bulletin No. 73

Tweezers Tweezers

Our tweezers have blunt points for use with membranes, and a slip-lock device. They grip and hold membranes without needing to be held tight in your hand.

For more information see Bulletin No. 86.