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Vacuum Breaker Recovery Tank Eductor Venturi - 3" x 3"
To protect the aircraft from excess vacuum, a vacuum breaker is added to the nozzle. Acting like a reverse of a pressure relief valve, this small device helps to avoid excessive vacuum on the aircraft during defueling.
The GTP-9365 vacuum breaker is made with a 3/8” NPT male thread to fit almost any underwing nozzle but can also be added to the piping. 100% made in the USA, aircraft grade aluminum with Viton seal.
Recently redesigned for even greater performance, this eductor is designed for recovering clean fuel from an expansion/recovery tank on a refueling vehicle. For optimal performance, the suction line should be 1/2” pipe or tubing at a minimum and the suction line ball valve should be 3/8” full port or 1/2” standard port. 100% made in the USA, aircraft grade aluminum.

3/4 NPT x 1 NPT x 3/8 NPT
3” x 3” venturi, made with either flanged (TTMA) or Victaulic connections. It is the highest performance 3” venturi we know of, specifically tuned for 300gpm.
Venturi - 4" x 3" Venturi - 4" x 4" Defueling Eductor
4” x 3” venturi, made with Victaulic connections. 4” x 4” venturi, made with Victaulic connections.
When defueling aircraft, the safest method is to use an eductor. This device generates flow and a mild vacuum. This allows the truck to defuel aircraft at a controlled rate and a controlled vacuum, to protect the aircraft. Excess vacuum can cause damage to the aircraft fuel tanks, which are often part of the wing. The primary adjustment is made by controlling the pump speed on the refueler.
The TL-8856 eductor is designed to match or exceed the performance of other eductors on the market and do so with one less gasket and a lower price. Our eductor is rated up to 280 gpm. In addition, it is cast of 356-T6 aluminum, 100% made in the USA.
3” x 3” x 2” IPS