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Deadman Hose Dual Sensing Hose(per ft) Brass Ferrule

Manufactured to GTP specifications, this hose is superior to any other deadman hose available on the market. It is suitable for all refueling operations. The tubes are made of Buna N (nitrile rubber) to resist fuel from cross-leakage in the control system. The brand reinforced tubes have neoprene covers to resist oils that contaminate ramp areas. A special additive is included to give the cover superior resistance to cracking. Available in cut lengths or reels, with or without fittings.

For more information see Bulletin No.78

DUAL AIR FUEL SENSING HOSE, 3/8” X 3/8”                    (PER FT.) For hoses with O.D. of 23/32" such as sensing hose GTP-2123.
Brass Ferrule Rotatable Male Tube Connector Stop Ball
For hoses with O.D. of 17/32" such as Deadman hose GTP-1202 1/4" tube, 1/4" NPT STOP BALL for (GTP-2123)   3/8"  SENSING HOSE
¾” Hose Swivel Hose Assembly Ferrule Crimping Tool
¾”MxF Hose Swivel Hose assembly for GTP-2157-A

For more information see Bulletin No.79

Use on 1/4" I.D. hose and 3/8" I.D. hose.

For more information, see Bulletin 78.

Hydrant Hose Dolly Hand Pump, Hose Tester After 7/90 Aircraft Refueling Hose Tester
Comes in two sizes 4" hose with 4¾” OD maximum and 3" hose with 3¾” OD maximum
Hand Pump, Hose Tester After 7/90
The Gammon Aircraft Refueling Hose Tester is made of non-ferrous materials, designed for periodic testing of jet refueling hose, using jet fuel for pressurizing.
The unit consists of a 10 U.S. gallon (38 liter) aluminum tank (GTP-2234) equipped with a vented fill cap, hand pump (GTP-8076), 0-1000 psi 4.5” face pressure gauge (GTP-281-H), quick disconnect (GTP-1004-4MA), and six feet of 1/4” hose (GTP-8079) to connect to the tester.
For more information see Bulletin No. 79