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API Gravity Calculator API Gravity Calculator

With this API Gravity calculator errors can be avoided created by the transition zone compared to the printed tables. For jet fuels, we extended the curve upward using the original equation without entering the transition zone. For avgas, we extended the gasoline curve downward in the same manner. From a technical standpoint, our scales will yield more accurate results than the printed tables. For more information see Bulletin No.100

GTP API Gravity Calculator APP GTP API Gravity Calculator APP

With the Gammon API Gravity Calculator, users can determine corrected API (at 60 degrees F) for Jet A, Gasoline, and Diesel fuels. Additionally, the calculator provides users with the functionality to calculate the total weight of the fuel on hand.

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Jet/Avgas API Density Test Kit Jet/Avgas API Density Test Kit

Kit Includes:

  • GTP-1073A High-Density Polyurethane Hydrometer Jar
  • GTP-1682GB Non-mercury Thermohydrometer ASTM S557HL
  • GTP-1683GB Non-mercury Thermohydrometer ASTM S558HL
  • GTP- 915GB Non-mercury Thermohydrometer ASTM S555HL
  • GTP- 3012-1A API Gravity & Relative Density Conversion Calculator
  • Flash Drive containing GTP Catalog & GamGrams