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Fueling Adapter Wear Gauge Fueling Adapter Wear Gauge

This gauge tests fueling adapters for excessive wear in less than one minute. Our wear gauge quickly determines whether the lugs are excessively worn. For more information see Bulletin No.156

Nozzle Connector Wear Gauge Nozzle Connector Wear Gauge

Stainless Steel Connector Tester for F116/F117/F211 Nozzles. Detects if the nozzle interlock is worn past safe limits. For more information see Bulletin No. 165

EI/API Wear Gauge EI/API Wear Gauge

The GTP-9410 Wear Gauge is specially designed to detect wear on 4” EI/API adapters for hydrant system pit valves and truck loading adapters. Adapters wear in three areas, the top, the outside diameter and on the clamping surface. This simple instrument adds the wear on these surfaces into one measurement, and provides a simple indication that the adapter needs to be replaced.
This unique patented design makes checking for wear simple; it takes just seconds. Included is a gauge block, factory calibrated to allow you to calibrate the gauge accurately before each use. Instructions and a Pelican case are also included.
NOTE: This wear gauge does not detect damage, only normal operational wear. A complete visual/hand inspection is also needed to ensure that the adapter is truly safe for use.

For more information see Bulletin No.170