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Replacement Electronic Controls
Replacement Electronic Controls

For Parker, Meggitt (Whittaker) Water Detector Systems - UL Listed -

In the handling of aviation fuels, water is a constant concern. Many refueler vehicles and fuel farm filter separators are equipped with the Parker Water Detector System. That system was manufactured by Parker, Thiem and Meggitt (Whittaker) Ground Fueling Products.

When Meggitt (Whittaker) decided to no longer manufacture the system, they turned over the support of these older systems to us here at Gammon Technical Products. We have developed much more modern and less expensive controls that can be retrofitted into the existing control boxes, both explosion-proof and weather tite. The same water detector probes are used because they are fully compatible.

These new replacement electronics system include better voltage regulation and are fully UL listed. They are Intrinsically Safe for use in Class 1 Division 1 Group C and D Explosion Proof environments. The old controls did not carry any certifications.

We offer complete kits with mounting hardware and replacement controls for all of the old control systems for 12 and 24 VDC, as well as 120 and 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz power. In addition, we offer combination controls which add deadman controls and are also Intrinsically Safe.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
GTP-9310-12 Complete kit for F716, 12 VDC, single-stage probe system
GTP-9310-24 Complete kit for F716, 24 VDC, single-stage probe system
GTP-9317 Complete kit for F717, 120 VAC, 2-stage probe system
GTP-9318 Complete kit for F718, 120 VAC, single-stage probe system
GTP-9278-3 Control unit for F717, 120 VAC, 2-stage probe system
GTP-9278 Control unit for F718 (120 VAC, single-stage probe) or F716 (12 VDC, single-stage probe)
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