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Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler)
Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler)


A plunger keeps the sampler closed until it strikes the bottom of the tank, then the sampler fills. When raised, the plunger automatically falls back into position, closes the sampler, and prevents any contamination by liquid taken at a higher level. This device picks up sediment or water directly off the bottom of the tank.

But a sample can be taken at any point above the bottom by attaching a cable to the top of the plunger, raising it at will to fill the sampler and lowering it to close the sampler. However, average sampling operations cannot be performed with the perfect control possible with the average model.

For more information see Bulletin 115.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
TL-3573 Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler) - 16oz
TL-3574 Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler) - 32oz
TL-3575 Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler) - 4oz
TL-3572 Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler) - 8oz
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Technical Specs:
  • You may coat samplers with protective varnish when used with liquids that will attack nickel and bronze.

  • All Bacon Bomb Samplers are substantially made of brass and bronze, and heavily nickel plated. Each sampler has but one moving part, no springs, nothing to get lost or out of order, and they are easily cleaned. All models show the same simplicity of design and rugged construction, and also incorporate various desirable features suggested by years of hard usage. All models conform to ASTM specifications D-4057. All Bacon Bomb Samplers are anti-magnetic.

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