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Digital Viper Additive Injector

The Digital Viper adds inexpensive electronic control and interface, and will operate on TWO METERS SIMULTANEOUSLY! It has the great advantage of being controlled by a Veeder Root programable electronic counter. The same Viper can be used with a meter (or even two meters at once) calibrated in tenths of gallons, gallons, liters, dekaliters or whatever. For more information see Bulletin No.36

Viper Eclipse

Fully automatic additive injection system,auto-monitoring, self-adjusting. The ultimate in additive injection systems, longer life and less expensive than competitors. For more detailed information go to Bulletin No.161

Additive Injection Pump

This pump is used with GTP-9076 or TL-9276. When ordering please indicate which additive you need. Example: Prist®,

Sight Flow Indicator

Sight flow indicator assembly is used on the Viper additive injector. For more information see Bulletin No.36