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Heavy-Duty Manual Bonding/Grounding Reel Heavy-Duty Manual Bonding/Grounding Reel

Heavy-duty manual bonding/grounding reel. Stainless steel, black nylon. This the simplest form of static bonding cable reel. Small, light weight and durable.

NOTE:This part number is for the reel ONLY, no accessories.

For more information see Bulletin No.163

Rota Reel Rota Reel

Industrial static cable reel with 50ft of UNCOATED cable and alligator clip.

Grounding Reels Grounding Reels

The Ametek static discharge and bonding reels provide for the retraction and compact storage cable and clamp assemblies. Designed to function under extreme environmental conditions. Our 50 and 75 feet models meet USAF specification MIL-R-83232B.

StaticLube StaticLube

StaticLube is a lubricant specifically designed to conduct electricity. It is made with a high-quality synthetic lubricant and filled with superfine silver for electrical conductivity. It is not silicone based. It is highly thermally conductive to help protect bearings. It blocks corrosion and protects bearing surfaces from water.