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Retrofit Kits for GTP-534

Retrofit Kits for PB/ Left and Front Gammon Gauges (GTP-534) Comes in Alum/Stainless Steel

Retro Kits For (GTP-8980)

Convert any existing Gammon Gauge to include the new proximity switch. For more information see Bulletin No.25

PH Retrofit Kits

PH Retrofit kits PB left and front Gammon Gauges comes Alum/Stainless Steel

Ultraviolet Shield

Ultraviolet Shield for Gammon Gauge

Filter Element

Filter for Gammon-Gauge after 4/80

Glass Tube Kit

Gammon Gauge GlassTube Kit


Nickle plated Piston for Gammon Gauge

Vent Port

Replacement vent port assembly for Gammon Gauge.


Gammon Gauge  spring 0-15 PSI Red


Gammon Gauge spring, 0-30 PSI Blue


Aluminum bleeder plug for Gammon Gauge


Stainless Steel bleeder plug for Gammon Gauge


Aluminum cage for Gammon Gauge

Cage Screw

Cage Retainer screw for Gammon Gauge


Gammon Gauge stainless steel strainer set


Gammon Gauge scale 0-15 PSI

Gammon-Gauge Scale, 0-30 PSI

Gammon-Gauge Scale, 0-30 PSI

Scale Screw

Stainless steel scale screw for the  Gammon Gauge

Retaining Ring

Stainless Steel retaining ring for Gammon Gauge

GG Install Kit

Gammon Gauge install kit with no valve

Rebuild Kit

Gammon Gauge  Rebuild Kit, 0-30 PSI

Rebuild Kit 0-15 PSI

Gammon Gauge Rebuild Kit, 0-15 PSI

Conversion Kit

Gammon Gauge Conversion Kit, 15 TO 30 PSI

Nylon Washer

Nylon Washer used on the Gammon Gauge.

PB Actuator Body

PB Actuator body Assembly