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Apparatus for ASTM Test Method D5452

Gravimetric to ASTM D5452 designed for safety from electrostatic hazards during filtration. For more information see Bulletin No.151

Test Stand

Test Stand for D5452 Test assembly


4 Liter Graduated flask for more information see Bulletin No.151

Vacuum Attachment

Vacuum attachment/stopper assembly.  For more information go to Bulletin No.151

Apparatus Bonding & Grounding Cable

Apparatus Bonding and Grounding Cable

Filter Holder/Funnel Assembly

Filter Holder/Funnel Assembly(See GTP-8197)

Dispenser For Filtered Flushing Fluids

This type of 1-liter dispenser is specified in various ASTM test methods such as D-2276 and
D-5452 which are used to determine the weight of contaminants that are in fuel samples.