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Graduated Plastic Bucket Graduated Plastic Bucket

Our plastic containers are made with a conductive (aluminum) electrostatic bonding device to collect static charges so they can be safely carried away, using the bonding cable (included). Note the bonding lug at the top for use in membrane tests. This device also serves as a level indicator. The operator can clearly see the fuel level as it reaches the notches which are at accurately calibrated levels. Plastic buckets are not approved as standard “white buckets.”

For more information see
Bulletin No. 123

Powder-Coated Bucket Powder-Coated Bucket

We now offer high-grade, 2 1/4 gallon, powder-coat white buckets.
The coating is specifically formulated for outdoor and fuel use and is more durable than porcelain. They have passed a Gammon six-month sunlight exposure test. These buckets were accepted in an ASTM meeting as equal to white porcelain for color testing.