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GTP-2480-A   (New Style)Replace Flight Refueling 4127345
GTP-2481   (Old Style) Replace Flight Refueling 4127335
GTP-2480   (Old Style)Replace Flight Refueling 4127345
GTP-9090   1 U.S gallon In-Tank Sampler
SFN-HG1R   1" & 1 1/4" Nozzle Blue
OPW-297SA-9050   1" Avgas Spout
GTP-2518-5   1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Gal Graduated Plastic Bucket
GTP-2518-3.5   1, 2, and 3.5 GL Graduated Plastic Bucket
GTP-3905-1   1-5 L Graduated Stainless Steel Buckets
GTP-235-1-4   1/4" Jet Test QD
GTP-2869V   1/8" Vinyl Resistant Cable , 1000 FT SPOOL
GTP-1063()   100' O-Ring Cord
ML-3416-20   100' Reel w/o Cable
GTP-2869   1000' Reel Kink Resistant Cable
ML-3416-2   100ft Cable Grounding Reel
GTP-982-12   12 Jars-Water Finding Paste
GTP-3908-12   12-Jars Water Finding Paste
GTP-1322K-12   12Jars -Fuel Finding Paste
GTP-1322K-144   144 Jars- Fueling Finding Paste
GTP-982-144   144 Jars-Water Finding Paste
GTP-3908-144   144-Jars Water Finding Paste
TL-3576   16 oz Bacon Bomb (Average Sampler)
TL-3573   16 oz. Bacon Bomb (Bottom Sampler)
GTP-1502   1¼” Hose Swivel
GTP-1503   1½” Hose Swivel
TL-2935B-4   1gal Sampling Can w/3/4" Bung
TL-2935C-4   1gal Sampling Can 3/4" Bung w/Lockwire Hole
TL-2935B-5   1gal Sampling Can w/2" Bung
GTP-144   2 1/4" Tube Sampling Probe
GTP-3905-2   2 ¼” US Gallons S/S Bucket
2672020-3   2 ½ 100 Mesh Strainer
GTP-686   2" Pressure Gauges
GTP-1507-40   2" Seal Kit for GTP-917
GTP-5873   2.5" Face Brass Pressure Gauge
GTP-2352-1   240V Relay/GTP-1750
GTP-1504   2” Hose Swivel
GTP-5891C   2½ Grounding Clips
GTP-2956B   3 ½” Pressure Gauge
DC2.5-3-R   3 Lug Loading Adapter(Red)
GTP-2305-1-070   3 Way Ball Valve for the Viper
GTP-5890C   3" Copper Grounding Clip
GTP-3226-2   3" Hydrant Hose Dolly
GTP-2518-10L   3, 5, and 10 L Graduated Plastic Bucket
GTP-2638   3-Stacked Clay Bag Elements
GTP-2305   3-Way Ball Valve
GTP-1299HVO   3/16" Grounding Cable
GTP-1299   3/16" Clear Grounding Cable
GTP-1299HVO-10   3/16" High Visibility Orange Grounding Cable
GTP-1299HVO-1   3/16" High Visibility Orange Grounding Cable by foot
TL-1938   3/4" Hand Pump
TL-3574   32oz Bacon Bomb
GTP-3642   37mm Water Detector Pads
TL-3575   4 oz Bacon Bomb
2691786H   4" Bypass Servo
GTP-1096C   4" Copper Grounding Clip
GTP-1096S   4" Steel Grounding Clips
GTP-2518-14L   4, 9, and 14 L Graduated Plastic Bucket
TL-3777-1   47mm Membrane Pad
GTP-281A.   4½” Pressure Gauges
GTP-1202-50   50' Deadman Hose
ML-2930-15   50' Grounding Reel
TL-2935A-5   5gal Sampling Can
GTP-1297S   6" Grounding Clip
ML-2930-140   75 FT- Grounding Reel/ no Cable
ML-2930-14   75ft Grounding Reel
922-25-26A-TR   922-25-26A-TR Spring Rewind Hose Reel
GTP-9021   ⅓ U.S gallon- In-Tank Sampler
GTP-3968   ¾” Hose Swivel
GTP-920-3   Actuator
GTP-920-4   Actuator for GTP-919-1
GTP-1173   Actuator w/Gauge
GTP-1175   Actuator w/Gauge
GTP-1506-6   Acutator Seal
2763460-102   Adapter
GTP-1170B   Adapter
GTP-1171C   Adapter
GTP-1224   Adapter
GTP-3614   Adapter
GTP-988-2   Adapter
JM-3175   Adder Spring
GTP-8776   Additive Injection Pump
GTP-9233-1   Additive Meter
GTP-9568   Additive Meter
GTP-2614-2   Air (BSP) Deadman Handle
GTP-5855   Air Breathers
GTP-2614-1   Air Deadman Handle
GTP-11-400   Air Eliminator
GTP-21A   Air Eliminator
GTP-21C   Air Eliminator
GTP-21S   Air Eliminator
GTP-8982-1   Air Eliminator Check Valve, 1/2" BSPT
GTP-8982   Air Eliminator Check Valve, 1/2"NPT
TEST   Air Eliminator Check Valve, 1/2"NPT
GTP-1923   Air Filter
GTP-1074AF   Air Force/Color Rating Book
GTP-1121-2A   Air Regulator
GTP-1121-2P   Air Regulator
GTP-1121A   Air Regulator
GTP-1121P   Air Regulator
GTP-8695E   Air Valve
OPW-295SAJ0200   Aircraft Nozzle
4631059-2   Alum Handle
GTP-9515-2   Alum Upper Flange Assy
GTP-1121-1   Aluminum Knob
SC-B-2HB-C   Anti-Icing Additive Test Kit, Optical (Old Design.)
GTP-3012-1A   API Gravity Calculator
GTP-8375   Apparatus Bonding & Grounding Cable
GTP-8368   Apparatus for ASTM Test Method D5452
GTP-898   Aqua-Glo (Rubber Feet)
GTP-323   Aqua-Glo Combination Kit
GTP-240-5   Aqua-Glo Hinge
GTP-9042-N   Aqua-Glo Holder/US Navy
GTP-322   Aqua-Glo Kit- Series V
GTP-191   Aqua-Glo Pad Holder
GTP-191B   Aqua-Glo Pad Holder
GTP-25   Aqua-Glo Pads
GTP-2855   Aqua-Glo Series V w/Power Cord and Standards
GTP-2380   AQUA-GLO Ultraviolet Tube
GTP-323-2   Aqua-Glo-MultiMinimonitor Combination Kit
GTP-2714   Assy to convert Facet Clay Vessel
GTP-2135-18   AVGAS
GTP-3255-LL-N   AVGAS 100 LL PIPE DECAL (Narrow)
GTP-2135-2   AVGAS 80
OPW-295SA0135   AVGAS Fueling Nozzle
TL-9051   Avgas Labels
GTP-8810G   Aviation Fuel Gravity Test Kit
GTP-9188   Aviation Grade Lube
SC-B-2HB-CD   B-2 Digital Test Kit
SC-B2-SB1   B2 Kit Ring Stand
GTP-2540   Bag Spacer
GTP-1149-4F   Ball Valve
GTP-2305-8-PT   Ball Valve For Gauge Testing
GTP-9589-1   Base Tray
F214   Basic Coupler 3" API
GTP-534-15   Basic Gammon Gauge
GTP-8980-A.   Basic Gammon Gauge With Switch
GTP-2324   Battery
1426-586133   Bicycle Handle
2721163   Bicycle Handle/F117
GTP-9424   Blue Loctite
SC-B-2-B2   Bottle
GTP-232-2   Bottom Cap
F228   Bottom Loading Coupler
GTP-2424   Brass Ferrule
4631059-1   Brass Handle/F117
GTP-919-BSP   BSP Dry Break Coupler
GTP-1085   Buna Cork Sheet
GTP-1085-1/4   Buna Cork Sheet-1/4"
GTP-1250   Bypass QD & Hose Assy
GTP-1771-25   Cable Eye
JM-3609-1   Cable Reel for GTP-1750
GTP-1487   Cable Stop
GTP-581-1   Cage
GTP-582   Cage Screw
GTP-294   Calibrated Plastic Bottle
GTP-2461   Canister Spacer
GTP-392A   Cap
GTP-9459   Case
SC-B2-CA   Case
GTP-8697-25   CDF DUMMY 25"
Cert   Certificate of Conformance
GTP-2916-10   Check Valve
GTP-9345   Check Valve
GTP-9644   Check Valve Assembly
GTP-8720-31C   Check Valve Repair kit
GTP-8720-31L   Check Valve Repair Kit
GTP-8720-31VG   Check Valve Repair Kit
GTP-2916-11   Check Valve/BSP
GTP-2916-21   Check Valve/BSPT
TL-8219   Chrome Tank Gauging Tapes
GTP-1102   CLAMP
GTP-1093-1   Clear Grounding Cable (per ft)
GTP-9571(G)   Close Loop Minimonitor
JM-3001   Closed Circuit Sampler
JM-8522-1   Coiled Cable
SGTP-3940   Color And Particle Rating Chart
GTP-1074-1   Color Rating Booklet
GTP-1750   Combination System
2682020   Connector Assembly
GTP-9104   Conversion Kit
SFN-1.5J-A   Cover Assy-For 295SA & SAJ Nozzles - Jet Spout Black
GTP-1390   Crimper Tool
GTP-1391   Crimps
GTP-9123   D-ring
GTP-9091   Dead Reel Assy 50'
GTP-1202()   Deadman Hose (per ft)
GTP-2718   Deadman Switch
GTP-1750-1   Deadman System
GTP-9081   Deadman Timer-12VDC
GTP-9411-1   Deadman Water Probe Relay
GTP-2727EF   Density Calculator
GTP-2135-22   DIESEL
SC-B-2HB-2D   Digital Refractometer
GTP-9076   Digital Viper Additive Injector
SC-B-2-D1   Dish
TL-9555   Dispenser For Filtered Flushing Fluids
GTP-2135-13   DOT

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