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Sump Separator
Sump Separator

Prevents fuel contamination of ground water
Pollution control of soil and streams
Saves valuable fuels
Minimum Maintenance
Eliminates need for conventional waste or "slop" tanks
Epoxy white coated internally (stainless steel available
on request)
Capacity: 50 gallons standard -300 gallons

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Product Code: GTP-616A

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Underground storage tank that fuel returns to storage by gravity when the foot valve is opened. For more information see Bulletin No. 22
  • Cover with swing away davit style mount
  • Foot valve,O-ring sealed, releases fuel for return to storage
  • Valves are brass ball type, stainless steel available upon request
  • Pipe and fittings: steel or ductile iron, cast iron not used, stainless steel available upon request
  • Auxiliary fittings for connection of discharge piping from air eliminators,pressure relief valve and drains from filter separators